zaterdag 24 februari 2018

DC20 - Mokum Bloody Beats

Mokum Bloody Beats, is the titel of DC20’s debut album. It emphasizes everything the duo have been representing for over the last years: catchy electro-techno from Amsterdams, pumpin’ real good. The most characteristic thing about DC20 is their typical Dutch influence in their productions such as Voetjes van de Vloer (litteraly translated= feet from the floor) or in HyvesFacebookTwitter. Tracks that instantly stay in your head, thanks to the original and hilarious Dutch raps from The Mattie Dooopjoo. Released 2011,, Amsterdam.

vrijdag 23 februari 2018

massicot by massicot

With the agressiveness of a tiger in Formica, Massicot oscillates between frank and noisy moments and hypnotic, repetitive phases. An obsessive, rythmic guitar, a modeled bass, a violin as an free electron, tropical kraut drums led by latvian poetry form a mass, a constellation of electrical dinosaurs, imported pineapples, cloud-drawings, intricate rhythms and Dada-jokes.

donderdag 22 februari 2018

Almeida/Duynhoven/Klein, Verdes Anos

Trio Almeida / Duynhoven / Klein is an acoustic jazz trio with contrabass player Gonçalo Almeida and reed player Tobias Klein (also active together in Spinifex). They join forces with drummer Martin van Duynhoven, the Boy Edgar Prize winner from 1984 and have been a permanent fixture in ensembles from Theo Loevendie and Ab Baars for decades. The music of Almeida / Duynhoven / Klein is inspired by different types of adventurous jazz from the last 50 years. Orchestration: Tobias Klein (alto sax, bass clarinet, double bass clarinet) - Gonçalo Almeida (double bass) - Martin van Duynhoven (drums). original song:
Almeida/Duynhoven/Klein, Verdes Anos from Tobias Klein on Vimeo.

woensdag 21 februari 2018

Trans/Human - The (UN​)​Expected

Recorded over one weekend in the winter of 2012 at Audacious Space by Ben Hunter and mastered by Cam Deas, The (UN)Expected LP is Trans/Human’s first work to be committed to wax. With the use of a clothing rail and extended table, Trans/Human hung and piled high telecasters, bells, radios and magnets, in an attempt to engage with a sculptural, performance situation, in a recording environment. The resulting material was then dissected and re-appropriated within the context of an LP to form an evocative document of Trans/Human’s live approach at that time. released March 3, 2014. Adam Denton - Guitars, pedals, magnets, objects, Luke Twyman - Drums, pedals, bells, objects

Negativland "TIME CAN DO SO MUCH"

Audio from Negativland's song "Time Can Do So Much" (2014, from the album "It's All in Your Head"). The experimental-music and art collective known as Negativland (Richard Lyons, Mark Hosler, Peter Conheim) has been recording music/audio/collage works since 1980, producing a weekly 3 hour radio show ("Over The Edge") since 1981 until, hosting a World Wide Web site since 1995, and performing live on occasional tours throughout America and Europe. Negativland's particular musical practice incorporates found sounds and musical samples into their collage compositions.Their contemporary interest in collage (a hallmark of 20th Century art of all kinds) is prompted by the fact that art and commerce have now merged to a degree where corporate commerce now finances, grooms, directs, filters, manufactures and distributes almost everything we know of as "culture."

dinsdag 20 februari 2018

Midori Hirano/Kris Limbach - The Last Day on Earth

Desolation and optimism, a burning landscape, industrial wasteland on a blackened horizon, two people who probably didn’t know anything about their fate, all these elements were present in Kris' composition. I listened to Midori’s work. I encountered the quality I needed. She was absent in her piece. The piano talked. The notes floated gently. There was a hint of happy sadness that defines life once youthful years start withdrawing in objects. There was silence in between those notes, like there can be silence, when a distant feeling of calm pushes emotional ties aside. The Last Day on Earth, with works by Midori Hirano and Kris Limbach is a C30 of chrome quality. It was duplicated at home, in real time, using a Marantz CP430. The inlay is an A4 with the complete texts of both scores and the credits. released June 16, 2017 staaltape, Berlin, Germany /

maandag 19 februari 2018

group A - 70​+​a=

Japanese experimental synth duo formed in 2012 by Tommi Tokyo (synthesizers, drum machines and vocals) and Sayaka Botanic (violin, sampler and cassette tapes). Their early shows came as a shock to most spectators, non-stop waves of avant-garde noise, intensely emotional poetry reading and performance arts such as half nude live-painting. They have self-produced/released 3 albums (one of which was later released on Mecanica Records) and played their first full European tour incl. TodaysArt, Soy Festival and RIAM in the autumn 2015. Since early 2016, the duo has been based in Berlin where they are further developing their musical and visual materials.

zondag 18 februari 2018


Japanese Feeling / African rhythm / Ambient / Minimal Techno / Meditation / Improvisation / Construction / Collaboration / Experimental. He studied electrical engineering in university. However, his first job was an editor of a music magazine that specializes in progressive rock. After that, he was working as a sound engineer in Tokyo. Also sometimes lives in Berlin and plays in many cities in Europe. composing and improvising snare drum : Morihide SAWADA - YAMAHA : MSD13DW (1991) with handmade mute recording : Thomas Li, Alma Hede - 2 Nov. 2017 @ Li studio Copenhagen / Denmark - mixing and mastering : Thomas Li - bonus track : live at Mayhem Copenhagen / Denmark - it's one of the live variation of "TURNT" was recorded by same crew. photo: Peter Drastrup, Platform 4 - - released January 12, 2018

zaterdag 17 februari 2018

FFF - 20​.​000 Hardcore Members Can't Be Wrong

FFF is breakcore artist/producer and DJ Tommy de Roos from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Born in Vlissingen in 1979, he started making music in the mid 90's, influenced by rave, jungle & Digital Hardcore. He organized the now legendary “Breakcore a go-go” events (together with Bong-Ra) at The Waterfront in Rotterdam.

vrijdag 16 februari 2018

Frak - De Klos

Members: Birre, Jan Svensson, Johan Sturesson Börft started as a cassette label 1987. The sound at that time was simple experimental electronics. 1989 the first release on vinyl was out, a split 7" single with two Swedish bands. The first LP was produced in 1990, a compilation with different artists & different styled electronic music. UFO Mongo label founded in year 2000 to continue the industrial & experimental electronic work.

Volition Immanent - Track 3

Collectors item from the Knekelhuis crew including exclusive tracks from the likes of Beau Wanzer & Parrish Smith.... won't be around for long! BASF chrome super cassette C60 (black). The tapes are housed in a black library case clear front black back. released August 7, 2015 Mastering by - Danny Wolfers / Artwork by [Front Cover] – Fenna Fiction / Design by - Jules Peter The Knekelhuis Record label is based out of Amsterdam. Monthly radioshows at Red Light Radio and Intergalactic FM.

donderdag 15 februari 2018

Oldseed - Kost

Craig surprised all of us last year, opening up for Mike Watt & the Missingmen out of the blue… he keeps suprising us with his beautifull songs and great voice. A fine mixture between beautfull quiet folk songs and great song writing.

woensdag 14 februari 2018

Alien Whale - Live on Tape

Anybody looking for impressive neck snapping guitar chaos would do well to catch Alien Whale... Matt Mottel (keys, Talibam), Colin Langenus (guitar), Nick Lesley (drums). Recorded live in 2009 at Zebulon and Shea Stadium, Brooklyn. Mastered by Don Fierro. released January 1, 2010.

dinsdag 13 februari 2018

Sen-Senkov/Kireyev/Borisov/Nosova/Bosetti - Boys are more​.​.

Joint work of poets, musicians and artists....released October 23, 2015 voices: Anastasia Zelenova (1), Elena Dorogavceva (2,9), Zlata Ponirovskaya (3, 7), Dina Gatina (4), Julia Stenilovskaya (5, 10), Anna Kukulina (6, 11), Andrey Sen-Senkov (12). Texts: Andrey Sen-Senkov. Music: Andrey Kireyev, Alexei Borisov, Olga Nosova, Alessandro Bosetti. Recorded in Moscow and Oxford. Mixed and mastered by Andrey Kireyev at Sheikh Studio (Far East) 2015. Artwork: Sveta Dorosheva

Wuuut Huuus - Confessions of the family band and octagon degus

WUUUT HUUUS - Confessions of the family band and octagon degus (2017) Recorded with one microphone. No further processing. No source materials, no effects, no overdubs Alto sax - Gargamelek Drumkit - Chumaeva Piano - Vdova Povidlova (age 8) Recorded Imatra, Finland. Thanks: Torsofuck This is demo cassette item for venues/squats with a complete lack of sound equipment in an attempt to get gigs there too. Wuuut Huuus here going for unplugged in its pure way - just tackling the instruments and fuck shit up - i.e. early Marion Brown matter. released February 6, 2017

maandag 12 februari 2018

Mineur - The Night Before Us

Solo-project that came out from the ashes of local post-punk/wave band Urban Grey in Amsterdam. A mix of wave, britpop and techno, guitars and cassette tapes filled with drumcomputers and synthesizers.

zondag 11 februari 2018


 Pierre-Vincent Fortunier / cornemuse béchonnet 11 pouces, violon Yann Gourdon / vielle à roue, boîte à bourdons, pieds Guilhem Lacroux / guitare, lapsteel LA NÒVIA is a collective based in Haute-Loire that brings together professional musicians living in a large area - Auvergne, Rhône-Alpes, Béarn, Cevennes, Hautes-Alpes, Alsace. This collective is a place of reflection and experimentation around traditional and / or experimental music. The plurality of these actors - musicians, graphic artist, teacher in art school or music schools - creates a dynamic and a strong aesthetic coherence.

zaterdag 10 februari 2018

Nyege Nyege Tapes - Sounds of Sisso

For the past 15 years the Tanzanian megalopolis of Dar Es Salaam has had one of the most exciting underground electronic music scenes in East Africa. A constellation of micro-scenes from Mchiriku, Sebene and Segere all the way to its latest mutation of Singeli that finally after years of lurking in the underground has exploded into the mainstream and taken over Bongo Flava as the music of choice amongst Tanzania's youth. Born in the sprawling working class neighborhoods of Tandale and Manzese, Singeli's signature sound consists of fast paced frantic loops interlocking with each other, with influences from Zanzibars Tarab music all the way to South African afro-house coupled with mc's who often spit satirical lyrics about the challenges facing Tanzania's youth, from police corruption to the complications of dating girls when you are broke. If there is one studio that stands out amongst the hundreds that dot Dar es Salaam's musical landscape it is SISSO RECORDS. Centered around producers; Bwax, Sisso, Bampa Pana and Yung Keyz Morento and Mc's Dogo Niga and Makavelli, they were early pioneers of the Singeli sound. Whilst some Singeli artists have begun fusing their music with more traditional Tanzanian hip hop, Sisso have remained uncompromising in their sound, always raw, fast with a punk DIY aesthetic that can at times verge on Noise and Gabber, to produce a spell binding music that is like no other Sound System culture in the region. released June 10, 2017

Venta Protesix - Sickening Digital Rainbows

Meaning absolutely nothing, the name Venta Protesix refers to the digital noise project of Italo Belladonna based in Salerno area since 2007. Since he's always been against using any instruments or tools other than a laptop, the most fitting definition that has been forged for his music is Laptop Micro-Autism. All tracks recorded, decomposed and edited between 2015 and 2017, Released by Urbsounds label [/] no. 37 No effects or instruments have been used for these tracks Laptop Noise Purism released September 29, 2017

vrijdag 9 februari 2018

Garçon Taupe - Lobo

Since 2001, Garçon Taupe has occasionally played live gigs and contributed tracks to compilation albums on Narrominded, esc.rec. and TopNotch. From 2002 to 2007, Garçon Taupe was primarily occupied as bassplayer in noiserock outfit Gone Bald, a band that has released eight albums on a.o. Interstellar Records and Narrominded, and played tons of shows in underground venues throughout Europe. Garçon Taupe's Wittenburg EP, eighties infected drum computer beats and heavy bass lines pave the way for some rather cheerful and unpretentious melodies. The five tracks were mixed to tape at Rude 66's Triple Six Lounge studio, and reveal influences from electronic pioneers like Yellow Magic Orchestra and Mantronix, to today's acid freaks like Luke Vibert and Like A Tim. The end result is a catchy mixture of electro and acid. released November 12, 2009, Narrominded.

Unit Moebius - Kuiken I

Unit Moebius - Kuiken I (Bunker 4004). After more than 15 years back on vinyl, perhaps Unit Moebius' darkest stuff ever made! Starting as Europe's only true answer to Underground Resistance, the godfathers of the Hague's industrial techno/planet rock scene, evolved gradually from deep alienating lo-fi acid house and crazy rigid jack trax (mixing the best of the detroit and chicago styles) to hard pounding dark industrial techno, freaky techno funk pop and mean minimalistic machine music. Raw primitive production and sound (the first 7 albums were recorded on a nearly-broken cassette recorder - it was all they had!), very diverse in style, but always with that typical twisted, paranoid and fucked-up drive, a bad sweaty groove that feels like a mindfuck. Members: Menno van Os, Guy Tavares, Jan Duivenvoorden, Ferenc E. van der Sluijs

donderdag 8 februari 2018

Professor Rhythm - Bafana Bafana

 Professor Rhythm is the production moniker of South African music man Thami Mdluli. Throughout the 1980’s, Mdluli was member of chart-topping groups Taboo and CJB, playing bubblegum pop to stadiums. Mdluli became an in-demand producer for influential artists (like Sox and Sensations, among many others) and in-house producer for important record companies like Eric Frisch and Tusk. During the early '80s, Mdluli projects usually featured an instrumental dance track. These hot instrumentals became rather popular. Fans demanded to hear more of these backing tracks without vocals, he says, so Mdluli began to make solo instrumental albums in 1985 as Professor Rhythm. He got the name before the recordings began, from fans, and positive momentum from audiences and other musicians drove him to invest himself in a full-on solo project. It was the era just before the end of apartheid and house music hadn’t taken over yet. There wasn’t instrumental electronic music yet in South Africa. As the '80s came to a close, that was about to change. Professor Rhythm productions mirror the evolution of dance music in South Africa. “Kwaito” can refer to many things. Mdluli simply describes kwaito as, “like club music with a township style.” The townships, segregated suburbs where blacks were forced to live, on the outskirts of Johannesburg and other cities, were where kwaito evolved into a distinctly South African form of dance music and hip-hop.. Mdluli makes clear that as the popularity of English-language bubblegum pop shifted to kwaito during the period of Mandela’s release from prison and the dismantling of apartheid. The country was in turmoil, there was violence and crime in the streets. The upbeat music he made as Professor Rhythm sounds the way it sounds, because “people would make themselves happy with the songs we were playing then. When they listened, it took them to different places than they were at the time.” released October 20, 2017, Awesome Tapes From Africa

woensdag 7 februari 2018

Maria Basura - Musica Feminanzi

South American DIY Monster. Beyond any representation, the harshness of reality surpasses fiction. Maria Basura Della Cloaca, Inframundo, Chile.

Harry Pussy - Velvet Pussy

Defunct American noise rock band from Miami, Florida/No wave noise rock for dirty pussy. Bill Orcutt - Guitar, Adris Hoyos - Drums.

dinsdag 6 februari 2018

Cinema Soloriens

Cinema Soloriens is a multi-media performance consisting of James Harrar's experimental and highly personal film and video images with a live musical rendering of soundtracks for each film. The musical concepts are created, directed and performed by Harrar (tenor sax, flute, bulbul tarang, reeds, voice and effects) with Marshall Allen (alto sax, flute, keyboards, EVI and effects) and a stellar changing live-up of gifted musicians. Mixcloud recorded live at OCCII in 2010 featuring Marshall Allen, James Harrar, Ed Wilcox and Alfredo Genovesi.

Holzkopf - Fading Memory of Disaster

Recorded live in studio using fragments from 108 different found and home made collage cassette tapes played through a dictaphone and a tascam 4-track and processed with a sampler and guitar fx pedals. This recording is unedited and recorded directly to hard drive. Holzkopf is Western Canadian musician Jacob Audrey Revington Taves. A decidedly non-traditional musician, they have mainly used budget bin samplers and drum machines in combination with tape recorders, mixing board feedback and raw data sounds. The result is part ritual, part dub and jungle influenced dance music, part freeform experimentation. Over years of recording and performing, Holzkopf has explored microsound compositions, (almost) slapstick collage, deep ambient music, gospel influenced industrial electronics, harsh noise dub and fast paced cut-up dance music leaving behind a trail of limited edition cassettes, CDs and records throughout Canada and Europe. released December 9, 2016

maandag 5 februari 2018

Arvind Ganga - Sri Maha Mariamman

Six pieces on electric guitar and objects, inspired by the colours and sounds of the Sri Maha Mariamman temple in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the calmness inside and the hecticness of the surroundings. Arvind Ganga is taking a physical approach to guitar playing, employing objects and extended techniques to explore new sonic possibilities. His music draws from noise and drones, North Indian ragas, rock, and everyday sounds. With free improvisation he molds this into an intense, loosely structured, chaotic mesh, bathing in the rays of a deep red sun. Ethereal noise with a punk-improv attitude. C30 cassette released on Toztizok Zoundz, Artwork by Helena Sanders, released April 25, 2016

zondag 4 februari 2018

Martijn Comes - Interrogation Of The Crystalline Sublime

"The human being knows himself only insofar as he knows the world; he perceives the world only in himself, and himself only in the world. Every new object, clearly seen, opens up a new organ of perception in us." — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Martijn Comes (1979) is a Dutch composer who is specialised in new media, sound design and electro-acoustic composition.

zaterdag 3 februari 2018

Black Mayonnaise - Spherics

"Recommended for people who can only afford bad drugs or conspiracy theorists who know the 'real' story behind all those traffic light boxes that tell people when to stop and go." Black Mayonnaise - A toxic sludge found at the bottom of harbors, bays, and oceans - often extending for miles - consisting of undecayed sediment, sewage, and petrochemical waste.

vrijdag 2 februari 2018

Schwefelgelb - Fokus

chwefelgelb is booming 'n' dooming techno. It is still the irritant substance for mad dancing. Its soundscape is innovative and catchy and is without equal. It is not acid techno but sulfur techno.

Five Minerals Powder - Fangyi Liu & Jared Xu

Fangyi Liu: Voice/Guan/Musical saw/Cassettes Jared Xu: Objects/Electronic A side: 1.Cinnabar 2.Realgar 3.Arsenolite B side: 4.Iaminar malachite 5.Magnetite Cassrtte Bonus: 6.Amethyst 7.Sulphur Drawing&Calligraphy: Deng-hao Zhang Design: Fangyi Liu Remaster: Chikuang Wang Special thanks: Chikuang Wang, Deng-hao Zhang, Etang Cheng, Singhoi Wong released May 20, 2016 Senko Issha Records Established in 2014, Taipei. Named from legendary Japanese musician Tomokawa Kazuki's song.

donderdag 1 februari 2018

Kees Peerdeman - Harmony (single)

true loneliness is something we’re born into through the only two windows we stare at the flowers and the trees if something's there for you is it also there for me? while the thought of dying petrifies me there lies a haunting beauty in breaking free among the flowers and the trees what if this flesh is the reason we can’t be when the walls dissolve will we truly meet in harmony? Bound - In a colourless house - Shout - I’m a colourless sound - Purge - Im a colourless urge - Dirt - Im a colourless birth

Zarapaz - Es Ist Noch Keine Schere Vom Himmel Gefallen

Everything had been perfectly prepared: the sample had been rewound, the text perfectly memorized, but then the scissors fell from the sky....