vrijdag 9 februari 2018

Garçon Taupe - Lobo

Since 2001, Garçon Taupe has occasionally played live gigs and contributed tracks to compilation albums on Narrominded, esc.rec. and TopNotch. From 2002 to 2007, Garçon Taupe was primarily occupied as bassplayer in noiserock outfit Gone Bald, a band that has released eight albums on a.o. Interstellar Records and Narrominded, and played tons of shows in underground venues throughout Europe. Garçon Taupe's Wittenburg EP, eighties infected drum computer beats and heavy bass lines pave the way for some rather cheerful and unpretentious melodies. The five tracks were mixed to tape at Rude 66's Triple Six Lounge studio, and reveal influences from electronic pioneers like Yellow Magic Orchestra and Mantronix, to today's acid freaks like Luke Vibert and Like A Tim. The end result is a catchy mixture of electro and acid. released November 12, 2009, Narrominded. https://narrominded.bandcamp.com/album/narrominded-split-lp-series-4

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