dinsdag 6 februari 2018

Cinema Soloriens

Cinema Soloriens is a multi-media performance consisting of James Harrar's experimental and highly personal film and video images with a live musical rendering of soundtracks for each film. The musical concepts are created, directed and performed by Harrar (tenor sax, flute, bulbul tarang, reeds, voice and effects) with Marshall Allen (alto sax, flute, keyboards, EVI and effects) and a stellar changing live-up of gifted musicians. Mixcloud recorded live at OCCII in 2010 featuring Marshall Allen, James Harrar, Ed Wilcox and Alfredo Genovesi. www.cinemasoloriens.com www.occii.org

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Zarapaz - Es Ist Noch Keine Schere Vom Himmel Gefallen

Everything had been perfectly prepared: the sample had been rewound, the text perfectly memorized, but then the scissors fell from the sky....