dinsdag 6 februari 2018

Holzkopf - Fading Memory of Disaster

Recorded live in studio using fragments from 108 different found and home made collage cassette tapes played through a dictaphone and a tascam 4-track and processed with a sampler and guitar fx pedals. This recording is unedited and recorded directly to hard drive. Holzkopf is Western Canadian musician Jacob Audrey Revington Taves. A decidedly non-traditional musician, they have mainly used budget bin samplers and drum machines in combination with tape recorders, mixing board feedback and raw data sounds. The result is part ritual, part dub and jungle influenced dance music, part freeform experimentation. Over years of recording and performing, Holzkopf has explored microsound compositions, (almost) slapstick collage, deep ambient music, gospel influenced industrial electronics, harsh noise dub and fast paced cut-up dance music leaving behind a trail of limited edition cassettes, CDs and records throughout Canada and Europe. released December 9, 2016 https://sites.google.com/site/holzkopf666/

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