vrijdag 15 februari 2019

Zarapaz - Es Ist Noch Keine Schere Vom Himmel Gefallen

Everything had been perfectly prepared: the sample had been rewound, the text perfectly memorized, but then the scissors fell from the sky. Zara Paz has become hard. She wanted to subscribe to the gym. She has caught a cold in Vietnam. She instigated a huge dispute at Karstadt's checkout and then stormed out of the department store in rage. The world needs to burn again. Ablaze. For some, such words are more than that, sentences, right sentences. There is trust, but also displeasure, especially when one locks oneself in the toilet for a longer time and pulls one nose after the other, while others want to wash their hands there. Now some are asking why this has to be back, why are substances that are bad for the health that cause tooth decay, tartar and periodontal disease and that prevent Elmex Toothpaste from spreading like a protective coating on your teeth. Others answer these questions with pure force and Fakenews. You should declare war on both sides and build a wall around it. A wall of drugs, hate and sex video cassettes.
1. Æthereal Arthropod - Infinite Colony
2. MG Mucus - Dieses Gefühl, wenn dein Live-Act Groovy ist
3. Hubert Gatsby - Shrivelled Human Soup
4. Kik itadaki - Chaotic State
5. Cryptokid - Blip
6. Burning Lazy Persons - Vicious curious
7. Hubert Gatsby - Horrordepht (Erohypnos Remix)
8. Bangu Telecom - Hmmm hum
9. Implant - The Wrath Of Са†анаил
10. Sadwrist - P U E R I L E
11. Æthereal Arthropod - Indoctrination of Structure
12. GYUR - Throat
13. DJ Mucus - Bitte noch ein Bier
14. Monoqlom - Near and far
15. Ancient Origin - ハハ22⚠⚠⚠
16. Hubert Gatsby - Pollygone2thegutter
17. Rastatroll Battyboy Soundsystem - Theme from Gay Rasta Wrestling
18. Cornhole Crucification - LETS FUCKING GO FUCK LIKE NASTY PIGS.
19. Atomhead - Timeblind
20. Pencil - He is
21. Sadwrist - Im about to break
22. Icoste - Trichinella Spiralis
23. Archie Shepp - Blasé
24. uchylak - muanta_portale_y_gracia_6
25. Kurasaki -Chiptune Terror
26. Implant - Grotesque
27. ? - Eeeeee
28. SYOTALOLIC FACTORY - ブルマリョナショタロリックおもらしBLOODANDTHUNDER [Dirty Lolis]
29. Corkscrew № 4453556 - Cephalophore

donderdag 14 februari 2019

Lahcen Akil - Tizi Inzit

Recorded by Lucien, in March 2018 in Tamlalt, Moroccan High Atlas, in the blue room at the collective place Bibliotatlas. credits released August 28, 2018 Lahcen Akil: Lotar, singing and composition. El Hussain Safir: Bendir and singing. Lahcen Bouri: Bendir. Tarik Boughfyani: Tamtam and singing. Idir Ben Hakim: Tamtam and singing. El Houssain Oumaa: Bendir, tamtam and singing. Co-produced by: Do it Youssef! -And my ass is tofu? -Red Wig Records-Republic Barns-Natures-Animal Biscuit Vegetables-The Nearby Clamps-Besides Records and Molard;

woensdag 13 februari 2019

Jaap Blonk & Terrie Ex - Thirsty Ears

All music improvised by Jaap Blonk and Terrie Ex. Text of 'Sound' and 'Let's Go Out' by Jaap Blonk, English translations by Willem Groenwegen. Recorded & mixed by Kasper Frenkel at Electric Monkey Studio, Amsterdam on Dierendag, October 4, 2017. Mastered by Arnold de Boer. Artwork and layout: Emma Fischer

dinsdag 12 februari 2019

Odal - Hell Op Aarde

 Noise/industrial artist from Amsterdam. Operator at 'Stront Tapes' label. Born 1962, beginning in 1986, the project Odal.

Vomir / Hiroshi Hasegawa & Kazehito Seki / Lolipoop - Split CD

75+ Minutes of harsh noise from the Japanese noise veterans Hiroshi Hasegawa & Kazehito Seki, French HNW pionneer VOMIR and Canadian Stutter Noise artist LOLIPOOP .

maandag 11 februari 2019

PHURPA long life [mantra of BON tradition]

Before Buddhism reached Tibet, practices involving shamanic rites derived from various ancestral cults became known as Bon. Phurpa, led by contemporary artist Alexei Tegin, is a Moscow based group in this tradition. This Tibetan monastic choir uses a specific kind of overtone chanting which is based on the principle of the singer's transmogrification during the "chanting meditation". https://phurpa.bandcamp.com

zondag 10 februari 2019

Al Doum & The Faryds - Positive Force

AL DOUM AND THE FARYDS is an open ensemble of 8 members, all with extensive experience in the world music underground. The new spiritual exotic jazz celebrate a new collective soul, a dancing cathartic ritual with birds, plants and all the animals, together in the circle of devotion. A journey in the total pranic breath.

zaterdag 9 februari 2019

Perplex Barquettes

noisy Intervention in early French teknivals... The birth of a school : Exploiting raves to make noise.

vrijdag 8 februari 2019

Maher Shalal Hash Baz - Return Visit to Rock Mass

Japanese music ensemble, and the artistic alter ego of Tori Kudo, a Japanese naivist composer and musician.

donderdag 7 februari 2019

Patapoe Serieus Je Maintiendrai - Donderdags 13h-14h

Patapoe Serieus Je Maintiendrai
Actualiteitenprogramma te beluisteren elke Donderdag van 13:00 tot 14:00 via het beste radiostation van Nederland www.radiopatapoe.nl .

00:00 onderwerpen
 01:20 poging tot kort shownieuws
 02:28 musea Amsterdam vogelvrij
 03:12 ook Tiësto bedreigd
 05:55 griffie maakt fouten rond lokale mediaconcessie
 07:35 Groot Wassink genoemd
 10:12 haarvaten van burgers buiten grachtengordel
 10:44 uitdager POA heeft John de Mol in Comité van Aanbeveling
 14:50 advocaat vertelt over martelkampen in Libië
 17:30 geen verschil kampen overheid of smokkelaars
 21:04 politie verkoopt vluchtelingen voor afpersing en slavernij
 23:14 parallel met gijzeling vluchtelingen door maffia
 27:40 Stedelijk zoekt directeur
 30:40 kandidaat moet loyaal en eerlijk zijn
 32:38 angst regeert bij gemeente
 36:00 kranten willen niet over hedendaagse kunst schrijven
41:00 hoe is het met de Sea-Watch?
 48:42 Van der Pekbuurt moet als eerste van het gas af 
54:15 milieu heeft er helemaal geen baat bij
58:45 gekozen voor minste optie: een-tweetje Ymere-Nuon

Kati Fado Live at OCCII Amsterdam 24 March 2018

Lyrics/Poetry: Kati Fado Music: Kuba Dykert/Kati Fado Visuals: Julian Jansen/Kati Fado Lyrics/Poetry from the book Aphasia by Kati Fado:
she, who nobody heard

happily non-existent, stopped at the invisible shore, vibrates
disembodied. inaudible bells. in the silence deserts (her) wildness (and) sleepy
she enters inside of herself. this night is full of X-rays, overexposed - in the distance, are smoldering
covered with quilts - especially calm, laced with the longing (.) tiny waves,
the returns. in the stopped-frames belated fishing of celestial, spherical bodies. in spite of we are
almost alive, dancing among the laughing blades. after all – the seagulls
they lift the weight, they giving back to the salty fogs this (un)fulfilled transparency.

Alice and sisters

the moon as the blind nib was entering choking smoke. behind the fuzzy barn,
church or the vision of blackening construction - Alice was clapping her hands
full of butterflies, toys from the attic, and this hooting
 behind her head belonged to the other time. to the slimy land hungry of phantoms emerging from
swamps. there we were waiting, tangled by willow
weeping, and our braids were scratching the sky. someone arrived.
someone covered with cloak the stars and with the last sigh saliva leaked
on the sleeve. the undercut wings were smoldering quietly. we gave back to ghosts
burned crops, havoc and fear. in broken windows next strike of bells,
the return of this men with bestial, oily face. these hands on the torn dresses - this singing
of swans - tarry, sinister. so, this the way the skin is removed
of lambs. falling in stopped-frames. smoked too early.

the haunted manor                      the house of the Bad Lord

to this house you come from the basement.
there, in jars with formalin shoot fingers of infants. as metro-
nom introduces silent killers in non-tact - metallic and liquid
as plasma. no splash. no pardon. the butler with eyes of gas
leads shadows of riders into the room of worms. there, each spreads
its own bill - unregulated.
to this window you peek from under the ground.
there, birds chat elegies with no boundaries. from clouds hang screens,
further shifts displayed in digitals - full automatic, the dust in mouth.
someone let go a tie at the edge of life. it isn’t that they don’t know your
name, there everyone has the code on face. saved with the ribbons of acids
insatiable with blood.
to this chimney you fall from the sky.
there are all the sparks - of memory when you were a child - without
Santa Claus. when you prayed for a few cherries from lips of that girl
which wasn’t from The Angels. she stuck a thorn in your eye, and then
 rolled on - smooth and dark – that’s all. the whole evil.
there is too crowded, no one get out
but still they ask.

the golem

slob. In the gloomy earth I draw the story – shot exploded thoughts
through the back of occiput, err and wonder between the insight and stupor,
sleepiness at the ready. I’m standing on one leg, the wind is yanking me as a blind
hen. the seed got another one. the fifth wall grew up, seven miracles
soaked in plaster, mushroom. The narcotic flight will begin. unwanted parade
of avatars and I do not know from which I should start to count
the watermarks in the back of enemy - still in April blizzard. cuts
heads. the red and the ocher spill over the mouth. bitterness
has a taste of the material from I make the golem. I’m putting in his teeth
a toilet paper. a chip with the mating period I put in his ear,
I'm taking him to the bedroom. we are dreaming of a better tomorrow. the plaster
is falling, the roof tiles are cracking, the magnetic cards. the pull, the attraction
and the greed. we get rich trough inadvertency. leaks night. In the fifth wall grows a hole
after an atomic bomb - this is the way went - the soul. robbed light years
and now - nothing comes out anymore. although witnesses say:
blood will clot, bones will grow.
it will get hot again.

Zarapaz - Es Ist Noch Keine Schere Vom Himmel Gefallen

Everything had been perfectly prepared: the sample had been rewound, the text perfectly memorized, but then the scissors fell from the sky....