woensdag 17 januari 2018

Don't Let Me Be Lost To You B​-​Sides: Albanian, Armenian, Greek, Jewish & Turkish Music from the Me Re, Balkan, Metropolitan & Kaliphon labels

All tracks recorded ca. 1942-58 in New York City except for 29-34 in Istanbul and 35 in Istanbul or Albania. These are the leftover tracks transferred from 78rpm discs for a forthcoming 5-volume / 6-LP series to be issued in 2018. I have left the sound restoration in a partially completed state and the tracks untranslated in order to make the material available quickly and free as a gift to those invested and interested, while I continue to work on the notes and restoration for the larger project. I have retained most of the oddities and spelling variants from the original disc labels, partially to help the digital labeling of tracks for Westerners (especially for Turkish-language names), and partially as a "flavoring" of the confluence of the East and West in that time and place.released September 24, 2017. Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.

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Zarapaz - Es Ist Noch Keine Schere Vom Himmel Gefallen

Everything had been perfectly prepared: the sample had been rewound, the text perfectly memorized, but then the scissors fell from the sky....