donderdag 18 januari 2018

D. Glare - Style Synonymous With Technique

A collection of field recordings, percussion, reed instruments and synthesised samples recorded during Spring 2017 whilst squatting an empty office block due for demolition in Leeds City Centre, following an illegal eviction from my home of almost a decade. No recordings made during the period were discarded. Each recording was stretched to loop at 58bpm (the natural pace of my controlled breathing for anxiety control), and re-recorded, manipulated with various analogue effects. Performed live with two samplers, reverb and EQ in two halves for cassette release on Zona Watusa ( Mastered by Declared Sound.

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Zarapaz - Es Ist Noch Keine Schere Vom Himmel Gefallen

Everything had been perfectly prepared: the sample had been rewound, the text perfectly memorized, but then the scissors fell from the sky....