donderdag 14 februari 2019

Lahcen Akil - Tizi Inzit

Recorded by Lucien, in March 2018 in Tamlalt, Moroccan High Atlas, in the blue room at the collective place Bibliotatlas. credits released August 28, 2018 Lahcen Akil: Lotar, singing and composition. El Hussain Safir: Bendir and singing. Lahcen Bouri: Bendir. Tarik Boughfyani: Tamtam and singing. Idir Ben Hakim: Tamtam and singing. El Houssain Oumaa: Bendir, tamtam and singing. Co-produced by: Do it Youssef! -And my ass is tofu? -Red Wig Records-Republic Barns-Natures-Animal Biscuit Vegetables-The Nearby Clamps-Besides Records and Molard;

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