woensdag 6 februari 2019

DIYChurch - Rinus van Alebeek

We live in clouds ::: a show with and about the hyperactive tape-saurian Rinus Van Alebeek
who blows up the Church Stream with hissing, humming and analogue clicks and cuts, found footage and fieldrecordings and and and.

the 3rd part of tape music and performance 

half of the church is in the mix from his mother country, 

to listen to more Mr. Alebeek stuff just visit the Internet archive and type his name in the search engine.
D.I.Y. Church is a weekly Live Radioshow - the online archive is here & its audible when live broadcasting ░▒░HERE░▒░. Every show the Church shares the freedom of speech with a special guest: A musician, performer, visual artist, collector, scientist, real men & no life... He/She/it presents his/her/its references and work issues in relation with a chosen theme. http://diy-church.blogspot.com

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