donderdag 12 april 2018

Plan Kruutntoone - wat doen de handen (SOTU Fest/ 12 April/ Zaal 100)

' ..and again I woke up. it renders Xenakis pale. shifting myself and stuff around in search of security. how to put it to make it to that?' The fifth album of Plan Kruutntoone is called ‘Wat doen de handen / What are the hands at’. The album stands out by bringing together Plan Kruutntoone’s uncompromising own music and pieces for string quartet, written by Hans. The notes bind it together, as do the disconcerting text fragments of Beckett (‘grope in a panic in the mud for the opener that is my life but of what cannot as much be said could not as much be always said my little lost always vast stretch of time’) alternated with those by Hans. They convey a sense of isolation that, by singing about it, opens up. The result is fragile at times, strangely compelling, harsh and repetitive at others.

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