zaterdag 7 april 2018

Heidi Hörsturz - T-Rex in love (SOTU Fest/14 April/ Occii)

The media artist “Heidi Hörsturz” is working with audiovisual performances, video and sound art. Her work has been presented at international exhibitions, gallerys and art festivals. Her animations, live shows and installations combine contemporary art and modern trash aesthetics. She published a series of limited sound art vinyls and audiotapes. These works research the connection between noise, artificial overstimulation and constructed visual associations. A key element of her work is the emphasis on the desire of the contemporary society to get more overstimulation in rapidly shrinking attention spans. Also Hörsturz believes that the search for shocking information and sexual content and the yearning for a colourful world tries to replace the current depression. The repression of self-reflection with audiovisual brain attacks represents a striving for an artificially constructed world.

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