dinsdag 10 april 2018

BSE - 27-6-17 (Tonight/SOTU FEST/10 April/ LIVE from 23:00/ radiopatapoe.nl)

As Frankie & Havan were preparing, Remon Zippo tumbled into the studio, barely able to stand on his feet - perfectly in shape though for some of his more deeply felt moans of desperation and madness. The adconverter went into total overdrive for the first 15 minutes. Boris stepped in with his magic suitcase of modulars and spaghetti wires projecting his noisy best into the feedback. With Frankie mumbling and making his setup scream. Bouk came to expose the magic of his octatrack. After an hour Shoko came in - going full on telling us stories and speaking to our understanding through waves not words. Waves were there alright, spitting screaching sensory overloads into the damp smelly atmosphere of out welcoming hangout - standers-by wandering what the hell, some curious, most running out in total confusion. Ending with just Havan and Bouk- going on quite a subtle note to make it ll come to rest (before ending in a totally disruptive Rot Op Patapoe) All of that in just nearly 5 hours!

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