woensdag 14 maart 2018

smth savant - Kilamanzego x Madam Data - Like Daggers

www.soundcloud.com/kilamanzego www.soundcloud.com/madamdata Dug from the old vaults of Madam Data and Kilamanzego, Like Daggers is a fucked up mish mash of wonky, experimental, and ambient bleep bloops representing this mess of a world we live in and the struggles K and MD have faced in the name of creativity. From questioning if it's worth it to continue music as relatively new producers to what's actually good and what isn't, it's always resulted in pushing through the distractions because ultimately this is who we all are: artists who can’t imagine living life beyond music, with or without words, with or without support. We know that treading the path to feeling accomplished feels like daggers, but dodge them and keep grinding. Enjoy the quirky adventure and feel free to say what's up.

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