vrijdag 16 maart 2018

Rooie Waas - Mak! (Afscheidsconcert, 22 Maart, Mezrab)

Rooie Waas stops and close off with a new album MAK You know when as a teenager you create a sort of caricature of yourself? Rooie Waas has felt like that for a while now. It was bred from the will to hear something we hadn’t heard before, maybe even to colour the world to our taste. And what we knew was the world of pop music. The sweaty rehearsal spaces, carrying your gear in the snow. Making your own video clips and learning about anything and everything there is out there. It was a loud protest and a hope for change. It became something that had it’s own grammar, a style if you will. An outlook on society and an anchor to plan our lives according to. It is also a project that changed as much as possible in the span of the seven years we worked on the band. It went as far as it could while still remaining coherent with it’s beginnings. It has become time to discard this vehicle, as it is no longer necessary for us. So as a last act for this band we’ll launch our most immoderate, hopefully artistically meaningful endeavour yet. There will be only one live presentation of the whole music on the new album titled ‘MAK’. In Amsterdam, where Rooie Waas started, an album presentation will take place on the 22nd of March. It will happen at Mezrab and on the same note we will have a small edition of our new and last work. A print of 100 Lps, made lovingly by hand will find their way into the hands of those that will not live for tomorrow, but instead will battle the wind, rain and distance to celebrate what for us, and hopefully you – was an inspiring voyage in Music. For thick or thin, that was what Rooie Waas was about. Inspiring. And searching. And limiting our tools in order to communicate better. It’s time to shed this skin and au lieu of critiquing, and polarising – filling the future airwaves with beautiful, transient and diverse sound waves. Our fourth album is coming, but first a videoclip of our song Dan is het er niet meer! made by Bob Borstlap. There’s no I There’s no we. There’s just us. Daag! Gijs, Mikael en Gerri. http://www.rooiewaas.com

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