zondag 4 maart 2018

Makoto Kawabata & Geoff Leigh - Spatial Roots (8 March/Occii)

Recorded live at Urban Guild, Kyoto, Japan 11/11/2014, this was the first time Leigh & Kawabata (founder member of Acid Mothers Temple) played together. The CD is one (slightly edited) continuous track, but as Bandcamp has a maximum upload ceiling of 291MB, the download version has been split into two tracks. credits released June 15, 2016 Makoto Kawabata (guitar, electronics, voice) Geoff Leigh (flute, soprano sax, jaws harp, electronics, voice) LIVE - 8 March - Occii Amsterdam - http://occii.org/events/mkm-stand-in-solidarity-with-the-dispossessed-improverished-and-embattled-people-of-the-world/

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