zondag 25 maart 2018

Ludo Mich - Saturnus (1971)

Saturnus (1971) by Ludo Mich (filmed with a self made fish-eye lens) is one of the top works of Belgian underground cinema, still fascinating young generations everywhere. Strange pictures and sounds are received from outer space, they show us the bizarre life on one of the moons of Saturn. In a self-designed setting, several characters: a king, a queen, torturers, gladiators and bush women. They speak an unintelligible language (Lingala) and are dressed up grotesquely, painted Ensorian style. The soundtrack for Saturnus was made using fucked up sound sculptures, heavy tape machines, non stop sax outburst and African poetry and was released in 2005 as part of the Ultra Eczema LP Music from Films by Ludo Mich. One of the leading roles is played by Nicole Van Goethem (1941-2000), Oscar Winner for her animation film Een Griekse Tragedie in 1986. Director, director of photography, screenplay, camera, set design: Ludo Mich Editing: Ben Mangelschots, Ludo Mich Sound: Jules Goris, Louis Goyvaerts, Jo Van De Velde Music: Daniel Doncq (sax), Ludo Mich (vocals), Wally Van Looy (percussion) Narrator: Magie Dheere Actors: Nicole Van Goethem, Guillaume Bijl, Lea Wijns, Vera Fret, Daniel Doncq, Marceline Bertens, Mie Van Cakenberghe, Rina D'Hertefeld, Harry Meeusen, ... This movie was originally screened on 16mm reversal film in black & white.

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