vrijdag 23 maart 2018

Chocolat Billy ‎-- Jacques & ses diverses compagnes

Album published in December 2012 in collaboration with the Bordeaux label Les Potagers Natures, the Brussels label Matamore and the English label Ouse Records. Printing of the pocket in offset, sub-pocket in silkscreen three colors by the editions of the parasite. Drawings of Jb, Jo, Nino & Armelle. (...) A quartet in which the instruments (guitars, bass, drums, synthesizer, voice, percussion) are exchanged gleefully to deliver noisy improvisations, between industrial pop, naive serenades and African rhythms. In concert, their music is never fixed and passes voluptuously from tightrope moments in unstable equilibrium to African or Caribbean post-punk trance sequences !! "(i boat, Bordeaux) https://chocolatbilly.bandcamp.com

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