donderdag 11 januari 2018

Solaz - Three Sonic Poems of Ecstasy from the South

"Solaz: Three Sonic Poems of Ecstasy from the South" is the first solo release of A.L. Guillén in Gruppo Ungido. Three pieces that propose multiple visions of Andalucía as a loving sound frontier between East and West. Inspired by sufi text, and its millenary presence in Almería, as the motor of this Union. Repeat and breathe, to finally overflow in every direction. Mediterranean sound garden, when the vibration of its musical traditions is transfigured beyond and here.. . lover and Beloved in Unity. Guillén explores the musical concept of “Ecstasy” carefully in its complexity, without charisma …with sober ecstasy, hidden from the spectacular "supernatural" capitalist notion of “Ecstasy”. This work is the first of a serie of albums by A.L. Guillén that explores the relation between music and sufism from diverse perspectives.

Gruppo Unido is a Netlabel and Anartist Society from the South of Spain, focused in spiritual experiences through music and arts. Intermedia Mysteriums (Obeahs) , netlabel and Cd releases (Obleas).

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