vrijdag 5 januari 2018

Seize The Means Of Production - Quantum Natives

Now, communism and clubbing aren’t two topics often talked about in the same sentence. On ‘Seize The Means of Production’ however, a 21-track compilation concocted by London-based producer Oxhy and the international Xquisite Nihil collective, the themes dominate the dialogue, in a furious club frenzy against the establishment. Xquisite Nihil, is the URL collective with a universal voice. With counter-cultural cuts, dry wit, and enough experimental prowess to cut you off from your comfort zone completely, it makes the release an eclectic mix, kept in line by a shared artistic vision for all things a little off-kilter. Infested Blandtress opens things up softly, with the cinematic jab ‘which pret baguette are u?’, before things shift left-field with Bala Club’s Uli K and his self-titled, industrial, almost rock-inflected contribution. GANX, Violette, DJ Save the NHS also feature, with stand-out track being Yves Tumor’s take on Paramore’s ‘Pressure’, taking the pop-punk production and pushing it to the outer realms of ambience, as he strips lyrics into lullabies with intricate ease. ‘Seize The Means Of Production’ is available for free DL now via Quantum Natives, check it out below.

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