maandag 1 januari 2018


On a monday off from tour the three members of Dagora, together with Mik Quantius (of Embryo fame) and Thomas Hopf, rode the London Underground down to Drop Out Studios in Camberwell to record two long jams in a room where microphones where hanging from the ceiling with long cables swinging around, placed in staircases and in and around three sets of drums and some amps. Thomas Hopf provides the beat with his signature trade of psychedelic krautrock while RORO and Stephen of Dagora continuously unsettle that beat creating a fading in and out of washes of rhythm and percussive accents. At the same time Mik Quantius and Peter Quistgard move through the room, over on top of keyboards and vocal chords until they find their tune. Personnel: thomas hopf, stephen doyle, mik quantius, pq, rogier smal. Recorded at Drop Out Studios in Camberwell , London, during their September 2012 tour through the UK. released March 11, tozizok zoundz 2013

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