maandag 22 januari 2018

Bromp Treb - Confusing Zipper (LIVE 24 JAN OCCII AMSTERDAM)

Bromp Treb is clumsy body music and/or noise of eager uncertainty, busted vibrations and unbridled enthusiasm. Since 2002 or so, Bromp Treb has put many recordings in circulation and has performed at fancy-pants places as well as countless basements, bars, lofts, living rooms, closets and art spaces all around North America and Europe. Bromp Treb recorded in chromazone, wmass, north america september 2016. Cables, univox drum machine, korg ribbon sequencer, jomox m-resonator, op-1, voice, tascam 4 track, eventide h-9, crappy mixer, sm-58. Released September 26, 2016.

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