zondag 14 januari 2018

Antti Tolvi - Church Organ (2,5h Meditation)

Somehow moving to countryside made me fade from doing free jazz for years. Focusing more to taiji qigong / zen meditation, more to solo music which had become more peacefully and harmonic. Right after we have moved to Kemiö, some sound nerds from USA (Michael Northam, John Grzinich, Hitoshi Kojo (from Japan actually) and Patrick McGinley) started to wander around our hoods. I got so much inspiration from their work. These guys were totally into drone and sound. Lots of field recording, playing in the nature and stuff like that. All this came in perfect moment as moving towards to something new. After years of working with pianos of course led me to organs, and finally to church organs. This record is about finding the joy of the sound. Just the sound. It doesn't need to have any melody or rhythm. Just sound. About how to find peace inside the music. Letting music to fill you. Feeling it in every cell. And it's not all about the sound. You can feel the warm wind in your whole body. Bird song. Scent of flower. Colors of the sky. Nature. Universe. Taste of strawberry. Its all the same. Just perfect. Let it flow through you. Let the flow take you. Be the flow. Just let go. Accept. After all this, I can easily start playing didgeridoo again. Listen same schlagers what we used to listen with my parents when I was young. It's all good. And has always been. I am blessed with many many good friends. There's not enough space to mention you all, but I'm sure you know you are all here. You are part of the the reason why this all exist. Thank you! Antti Tolvi. This record is recorded 23.9.2015 with one take. No overdubs is added. Recorded in old church of Kemiö (build in 1500 century). released October 21, 2017

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